TRIO NO. 3 A Mothers Story

Trio No. 3

I wait until the children are asleep. I wait a few moments to make sure they are fully asleep.  I creep down the hallway not daring to turn on the lights because they might wake up.  I walk down the stairs, tonight is an exceptionally dark night and I stub my toe on the corner of the coffee table. My screams muffled by my hands so I don’t wake up the kids.  My tears stream down my face but I forge onward until I reach my destination, the kitchen. I have hidden a secret treat in the fridge, one that is mine alone.  Call me selfish if you will but I have waited all week for this sinful pleasure.  I am a mother first but even mothers need a break to be able to enjoy something all their own.  I open the fridge and see my pint of vanilla almond ice cream just sitting on the shelf in absolute deliciousness. I sit down grab a spoon and with the first bite so close to my mouth suddenly the lights turn on, my darkness now made bright and I am temporarily blinded.  Once my eyes adjust I see three little people standing in front of me, “mommy, can we have some?”



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