The End Is At The Diner

Find a Muse in the Masters


 They finally stop driving and stop at this little diner
don’t know where they are and don’t care
they’ve been driving for some time
their too tired and hungry to be scared
they can only pray the people in the diner don’t know of their crimes

They sit quiet, waiting for their order but still suspicious of everyone around them
the woman’s breathes shakily and he grabs her hand
he looks into her eyes and she calms down
They escaped the laws just as they planned
there is no way the laws could’ve beat them to this small town

They sit sipping their coffee never thinking that the man sitting across from them is the law
he got tipped off they were headed his way
he couldn’t pass this chance up to catch these two infamous criminals
one of their friends sitting in the pen was quick to betray
said he wanted to go straight and be a good citizen

Behind them what they don’t see is all the laws with their guns pointing at them
the waiter begins to kneel down slowly behind the counter
They give him quizzical looks
the lawman smirks at them from across the counter
they look at him and he says ” you’re both two bit crooks”

Before they had a chance to add the lawman to their long list of victims, they hear loud pops from behind them
a hail of bullets raining over them
ending their murderous lives
after so many murders, they were long condemned
to be killed; without mercy or forgiveness

The last memory is of them sitting together in a quiet little diner
they’ve been driving too long
trying to get away from the laws
such a long sad song
because you can never escape the long arm of the law

~Celeste Bonilla~



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