My Dog

Literate for a Day



Dear Cholo,

I just wanted to say thank you for being the loving dog that you are.  There is a certain love that only a pet can give and you give that every single day.  I appreciate so much the love you give this family and the protection you give us.  When I had my surgery and came back home from the hospital, I couldn’t understand why you were all over me more than usual. Then I noticed that you kept putting your head on top of my bandages.  A friend pointed out how you were taking care of me in your own little way.  And when you got hurt and the Vet said you would never be able to walk again the hurt I felt for you was unbearable.  Thank God all the prayers came through and you began walking again.  You are my miracle puppy and me and the girls love you so much.  You’ve brought a different type of love and compassion into our lives and I can’t imagine my or the girls lives without you.

You make us laugh so much and people surely do get intimidated by your mighty roar when you see something you don’t like.  When the girls are scared or have nightmares you have protected them by sleeping with them and just staying with them and you mere presence makes them feel so protected and safe.  Although you are only nine pounds, the love you give and the love we have for you are as big as the world.  I love you Cholo, you are the best dog, little brother, son, friend anyone could ever have.


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