Bad Signal – Good Riddance

Bad Signal
I would imagine it is from my husband with whom I am currently separated from.  It’s him finally being truthful with me and telling me what I figured all along, he’s been unfaithful.  This is one of the reason why we separated but he never had the nerve to tell me the truth.  Instead, he turned it all around on me and acted as though I was crazy or the reason for all the lies I had caught him in or all the arguments were my fault because I didn’t trust him.

So, he finally decides to come clean and be honest for once and still not giving me the respect by telling me to my face that this was him all this time, not me , he takes the cowards way out and leaves me a voicemail message.  I would imagine the reason he’s finally telling me the truth is because he knows just as well as I that there is no chance of us ever getting back together. Maybe he is mad and thinks he needs to hurt me more because I decided to leave him or that he knows I will never go back to him again.  Who knows but in the end I really don’t care because I already knew the truth and that is why we separated.


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