Please let the movies be!!!

Let It Be

Why oh why must every movie made when I was a child suddenly need to be re-made in this generation? Is there no one capable in Hollywood to come up with an original movie? These new version are just horrible, For example the old TV show Dark Shadows in my opinion was a great show and then here come “the re-make” dum dum dum. The movie made version of Dark Shadows looked to ridiculous from the trailer alone for me to bother spending my money on a ticket to see it in the theater. That isn’t the only one, unfortunately. Another quick example 21 Jump Street. The Show was a great show when I was younger and I can see by putting funny actors they turned it into a comedy but then it really shouldn’t be named after a drama show. Please Hollywood give me something original.

If these movies or TV shows were good in there day just leave it alone. If they weren’t please stop beating the dead horse. If it stunk once, chances are it will stink again. Oh and my all time favorite… the groups of movies. For example, Batman. You have the Michael Keaton era, the George Clooney era, the Val Kilmer era, the Christian Bale era and now from my understanding the Ben Affleck era. The goes for a lot of movies made from comics. Please for all that is mighty, Hollywood just let the movies be! They’ve had their time, just let them go with dignity and time to start putting your people to work creating some new stuff for us to watch cause I tell ya I can’t remember the last time I went to the movies.

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